Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A new day

Here it is, another new day already. The chicks and eggs are still doing fine. The rabbits are happy campers too. They boys have gone to their piano lessons and we're back at home. They're doing some schoolwork and then we're going out to plant the garden. The stinkpot girl is watching a video. She denies being a stinkpot. Ha, and I deny being grumpy - so maybe denial runs in the family!

Today is tax day. I'm not going to a tea party, mainly because I want to sit home and plant the garden. We're from a small town, and the closest one that I know about is a pretty good drive. Just for the record, in case you were just itching to know a little bit about my political philosophy, I think most politicians could care less about the people they govern, are just after power, and love to spend other people's money. I think global warming is a scam (I would call it a joke if it wasn't being used as an excuse to raise my electric bill so high that I going to be very cold next winter). I also think that a government shouldn't be able to spend money it doesn't have. No debt. That's my philosophy. I'm working on it on a personal level, and they should work on it on the state and federal level.

Enough of that. The dinosaur movie is almost over and I have to go teach the girly her letters (she's three after all, and should know them by now)!

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