Friday, April 2, 2010

My house is turning into a zoo

When my youngest turned four in January, she announced that she wanted a snake for her birthday. Well, being the open-minded mom that I am, I said ok. We took her to the pet store and she picked out her snake. A lovely red and white corn snake. She was happy. Her brothers, not to be outdone, cleaned out their piggy banks. We came home with a red-eared slider and an anole. Then the daughter decided she wanted a bird. She still had the money her grandmothers gave her for her birthday, so back to the pet store we went. She now has a zebra finch in her room. And a small catfish. Let's see, that means that in the house we have a fire-belly toad, a leopard gecko, a corn snake, a finch, a fish, a red-eared slider and an anole. That's enough for me. Add that to the two dogs, five rabbits and thirty or so chickens outside, and I'm beginning to think I live at the zoo. The good news is that the kids are out of money now, so the zoo isn't going to be expanding any time soon.

I'm sure that when the kids are in college, I'll look back on this time and chuckle, but for now, I'm tired of running to the pet store and feed store every week!

Ahhh, isn't life an adventure!