Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress and Pumpkins

First off, a report on my new endeavor. After much ado and a slow internet connection, I think I finally have the software downloaded and installed to start my app creating process. I know I said that a couple of days ago, but found myself downloading and installing more platform stuff last night. But... I finally created the infamous 'hello world' (or in this case 'hello android' app, and ran it successfully. Boy, my Droid simulator pulled up and posted the text and everything. I know, big deal, but that just means I'm ready to go! Now it's off to reading all this grand text about how to get a little more creative than 'Hello'. Laugh all you want, but it's a start and I'm on my way!

Now for the pumpkins... my little daughter and I picked a pumpkin out of our squash patch today. Just a little fellow, only slightly bigger than a softball, but bright orange and handsome. Now how a pumpkin got there is bit of a mystery. We're talking about a raised bed that was the home to watermelons last year. We started the seeds indoors early this spring and planted the plants a couple of months ago. I don't know if the place we ordered the seeds from got a seed into the wrong package or if my daughter (my seed-starter helper) grabbed a seed out of the wrong package. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise. I'm kind of amazed that it grew so quickly. The actual pumpkin plants we started at the same time (the ones we put in the pumpkin patch) are growing right along, but don't even have baby pumpkins yet. Who knows, but she was excited today and so was I!

Happy day to all.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I have been noticing for a while now that every picture hanging up in this house is crooked. How can that be? Don't you think that at least one of them would be straight? They all started out ok. My husband says 'at least they all slant to the right'. What a comedian. I'll add fixing them to the list of things I have to do.

So, the big question is .... how did I do getting my act together last week? So, so. I did work on my web site a bit. I was very enthused for a short time, had several pages going (yes, at the same time), and would just get going when one of the kids would walk up wanting something and then another would snag the computer as soon as I got up to go take care of the first. Now I do realize that I could do this after the kids went to bed - but are you ready for it - I've been busy trying to download all the software necessary to get going designing apps for smart phones. I'm thinking the Droid. After three nights of downloading over a slow internet connection (and falling to sleep at the computer waiting for them to complete at least one night) I think I'm ready to see what I can do. I'm going to start with some small sample apps just to make sure I can compile and take it from there. Hope it all works out!

Father's day was nice, even though my husband spend most of his day working outside at the family farm out in West Texas. We got to play with grandma in the nice air conditioned house. He did get back early enough to enjoy dinner with us and play a game or two outside with the kids and I before heading back in for the evening. Just for the record, the kids beat us at Bocce (he got it new for Father's day and the kids were itching to try it out). We didn't even let them win, they just outplayed us. The little stinks!

Here's to another great week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting my act together

I've been very slack at blogging lately, but not to worry, I've been very slack at everything lately. I seem to have gotten myself into a rut of nothingness. This has been going on for some time, and it needs to stop. NOW! I have recently been trying to pull myself out of this pit and get myself back in gear. Now mind you, I have kept the kids clean and fed and still do a bit of housework (when absolutely necessary), but my creativity has been on hold.

So here's the plan: I'm going to treat my evenings like I did when I was still working. I have a web site to get up and running, a business to start, a book or two to finish writing and many crafts projects to start and/or finish. It seems that when I keep my mind busy, my body follows suit. Who knows, maybe I'll start keeping the house a little better too!

So, by this time next week, I plan to be able to report progress. Maybe I'll even have my website up. You know, they're not even hard to do if one sits down and actually works on them. Sigh.

Now I'm off to fix lunch - my munchkins are hungry!