Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress and Pumpkins

First off, a report on my new endeavor. After much ado and a slow internet connection, I think I finally have the software downloaded and installed to start my app creating process. I know I said that a couple of days ago, but found myself downloading and installing more platform stuff last night. But... I finally created the infamous 'hello world' (or in this case 'hello android' app, and ran it successfully. Boy, my Droid simulator pulled up and posted the text and everything. I know, big deal, but that just means I'm ready to go! Now it's off to reading all this grand text about how to get a little more creative than 'Hello'. Laugh all you want, but it's a start and I'm on my way!

Now for the pumpkins... my little daughter and I picked a pumpkin out of our squash patch today. Just a little fellow, only slightly bigger than a softball, but bright orange and handsome. Now how a pumpkin got there is bit of a mystery. We're talking about a raised bed that was the home to watermelons last year. We started the seeds indoors early this spring and planted the plants a couple of months ago. I don't know if the place we ordered the seeds from got a seed into the wrong package or if my daughter (my seed-starter helper) grabbed a seed out of the wrong package. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise. I'm kind of amazed that it grew so quickly. The actual pumpkin plants we started at the same time (the ones we put in the pumpkin patch) are growing right along, but don't even have baby pumpkins yet. Who knows, but she was excited today and so was I!

Happy day to all.

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