Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chickens are a lot of work

Yes they are. Fresh eggs are tasty, and maybe one day we'll have fresh chicken in out pot pie. I guess that will make this up front effort worth while. I must admit that I actually enjoyed the work I put into the chicken house. Ha - what a deal, I got to do the sawing and drilling and my husband had to do all the hard stuff! My wimpy hands have a hard time bending the wire and stuff, so I used the power tools while he did the wire work. It was a good team effort and the chickens thank us. We're glad they like it! The scary part of this whole thing is that we need a lot more of these to comfortably hold all our our new chickens. The hatchlings are still in a small tractor, and the Australorps are still in bins on the porch. We have the wood to start on the next tractor, and after that we get to do another, and another...


Here is a picture of our first of many chicken houses.

Ok, technically that's not our first. My husband built one (a different type) last year our first white leghorns. This is just our first new one for this year's chicks. We have decided it was pretty easy to build and are planning on sticking with this design for our future creations.

Fun, fun, fun!

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