Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is fall around the corner?

After a month of really hot weather, I think we're about to have our second day in a row of temps under 100°.   I must admit that I love the summer, but I'm not complaining about this little break in the heat.  We even had rain!  It made me want to dance.  As a matter of fact, I think I did do a little jig out on the porch.

Fall means a fall garden this year.  The dear, hardworking hubby tilled up the section of the garden that was home to the corn this summer and it's ready to plant.  I just have to get my slightly less hardworking self to get up and plant it.  This will be our first fall garden.  We're going to try cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and corn.  We might also plant some lettuce and spinach next month when it cools off a little more.

Our 'regular' school friends head back on Monday.  We've been getting in a little bit of last minute play with them and also trying to continue to hang out with out homeschool friends.  We're keeping busy and loving every moment of it.   We've been doing a little bit of school work over the summer, but have pretty lazy about it.  Now I have the job of easing the kids back into a fuller set of course work.  They're not going to like it!

And next up ---  I'm still looking at the Droid stuff.  I became a bit discouraged when I couldn't come up with a solid app idea, but think I'm back on track.  I have an idea and am continuing to go through the book and learn the tricks of the trade, to be applied to my app as I go along.

Enough for now.  I need to get busy on this messy house.

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