Saturday, March 13, 2010

A good day for the boys

Along with all the other things the kids do around here, the oldest three take piano lessons. Their teach offered to prepare them for a competition this year. You're essentially competing against yourself. The child must preform an age appropriate piece in front of the judges. Any child who plays their song correctly (or at least close enough) wins a medal. Well, today all three of our boys went to the competition and came home with gold medals. Good going boys!

We rushed right from there over to their soccer game and let them go to it. The older two play and are on the same team. They usually play defense, but the coach saw the opportunity to let some of the kids play offense that usually don't get the chance. Son #2 got his chance and scored his first goal! As this is his fourth season to play on the same team, this was quite an accomplishment.

We got home very content with the way the turned out and also very tired. I guess that's a fair enough end to a great day!